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Rajmonda Cukaj

I am the Director of Operations for Tiron Contracting, a Toronto based construction firm. I am writing to recommend the services of Al Bell and sister company, Vesa Solutions.  Al Bell and Vesa is a multidisciplinary company which provides an array of business services, with their focus being marketing. We currently using their services for reception backup business and after business hours, accountant services for QB, timesheets etc. In addition, Al Bell offers interior design rendering services as well as quantity take off’s for construction projects through their architectural division.  This is especially helpful and convenient for our business. Al Bell staff is detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant. I would wholeheartedly and with full confidence recommend Al Bell and Vesa Solutions to any company requiring their services.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you wish to discuss this in person. I can be best reached at 416-871-2687.

lazertaRajmonda Cukaj
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Enri Rexhmataj

Very grateful making business with Al Bell! Highly recommended. While working with them, they have proven to be extremely professional, responsible, reliable and affordable partner in reception back up office, HR, Accountant and Architecture measurements. Al Bell continue to bring a significant contribution to our company in every single instance. Our customers and revenue is increased with 25% since the moment that Al Bell team has deal with it

lazertaEnri Rexhmataj
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Ledia Hotic

Al Bell team is highly regarded by our clients and upper management staff for their expertise, reliability, and professional conduct. They have been working closely with our company for a period of 6 years, providing various services ranging from inbound and outbound calls, After hours Emergency response, reception backup, PR, HR, Architecture drawings and much more!

lazertaLedia Hotic
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